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The origins of Paper Plate Restaurant can be traced back to a profound desire shared by my brother, Chef Quan, and myself to create our own mark in the world of hospitality, following a decade and a half of residing in Melbourne.

Growing up in a small district in Saigon, we were exposed to an array of delightful street snacks offered by local vendors, which continue to be treasured memories from our childhood. I still recall relishing in the delicious sticky rice, wrapped in banana leaves, and devouring Vietnamese bread rolls encased in yesterday's newspapers - a testament to how packaging was not yet a prevalent concern in those days.

When we discovered a modest storefront on Bridge Road in Richmond, we christened it Paper Plate Restaurant, and embarked on a journey to relive those blissful moments from our past, savouring Vietnamese street food.

At Paper Plate Restaurant, we place great emphasis on elevating the experience of taste without compromising on presentation. Our menu is crafted with inspiration from the rich and vibrant culinary history of Vietnam's old and modern streets. We take great pride in presenting our patrons with fresh, colourful, and flavorful dishes that embody the essence of family pride.

It is our fervent hope that your dining experience with us exceeds your expectations and leaves you with fond memories to cherish.

Chef Quan & Dan Nguyen

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